Let your website sell for you with our Shopping Cart Services

If you sell anything on your website you will need an online shopping cart to take payments.  Having a shopping cart on your website means that you can be making sales 24/7, even while you sleep!  Superior Collaborations offers a variety of shopping cart services to help you get started.

Having an online shopping cart on your website will:

  • Allow you to sell your products and services 24/7
  • Help automate your business
  • Reinforce your brand and simplify the buying process

Shopping Cart Setup

The first step involves setting up your shopping cart.  This includes everything from customizing your cart to setting up your gateway account.  This is a very time consuming project that we want to take away from you!  We will customize your shopping cart to match your website and branding.  We will also take care of setting up any necessary charges to the customer, hooking up your payment gateway account and everything else needed to get started.

Product Setup

Now that you have your cart set up, it’s time to add products!  We will take care of adding your products to your shopping cart, making sure all additional charges or discounts are figured in and adding the shopping cart link to your website.

Affiliate Program Setup

Having an affiliate program is like having your own sales team.  We want to help you create an affiliate program that will increase your sales!  We will set up the different programs, attach the corresponding products and set up affiliate marketing materials.  

Contact Superior Collaborations to learn how your website can sell for you with our shopping cart services!

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