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Grow Your List With A Free Call

You want to continually grow your list in order to grow your business.  A great way to do that is to hold a free teleseminar.  This is a way for you to allow people a chance to get to know you and what you are like.  This will lead to more people in your marketing funnel and hopefully new customers/clients for your business.

You can do this in a number of ways.

  • Hold an information call given by you
  • Have a guest you interview
  • Have a few guests on a telesummit

You want t o make sure you always give useful information that people can use right away on your call.  Content is king. If you are giving people a lot of fluff that is not going to make them want to hear more and they will probably hang up early.  You want to keep them on the line so don’t give out your offer until the end and make sure that they know you have a special offer for them if they stay on until the end of  the call.

  • Have 3-4 points you make
  • Give useful information
  • Tell about yourself and how you are qualified to give this information
  • Share your story (yes, people do want to hear it!)
  • Tell how you have used this information yourself
  • Give a soft sell offer at the end of the call with a time frame for listeners to accept

After the call if you are offering a recording of the call, when you send your email to the people that signed up with the recording make sure the email says that there is a special offer that has to be taken advantage of by a certain date, and give them the date.  This will ensure that they listen to the recording right away if they weren’t on the call live.  This is something you want them to do because many people will just wait for the recording and listen to it when they have a chance.  That results usually in people saving the recording and never listening to it or listening to it after your offer has expired and they can’t get it anymore…which is frustrating.

A teleseminar gives people a chance to get to know you.  Once you have them on the phone you can let your personality shine through so you have a better chance of having a follow up call with them if you can be of service in any way.  Relax when you are on the call and pretend you are talking to just one close friend.  That way you will be true to who you really are and have fun…which  everyone listening will really enjoy!

 Grow Your List With A Free Call

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